Isaiah 42:5-7

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1. Local Church and Other Prison Ministries (2 Timothy 2:2)

To aid the local church and other prison ministries, we have developed a prison ministry "Startup Kit" that contains all the necessary materials and instructions to start a new EE training ministry. This kit is FREE and can be mailed upon request.

Additionally, the local church can register for one of our Share Your Faith workshops.

2. Family Services (Matthew 5:9) (II Cor. 5:18)

These Program Volunteers (PV) minister to the inmate’s family; with intent of bringing reconciliation to broken family relationships that involve the inmate.

In addition, the PV's interaction with the family focuses on building the family up spiritually with the hope of providing a strong "spiritual" home-base" to which theinmate can return. Contact with family is primarily via letter; however, when family is local some in-home visits might be necessary. PV is to minister to the needs of the family as God so leads; keeping them informed of the spiritual growth of the inmate as well as sharing the "spiritual food" (church sermons, seminar tapes and literature, etc.) given them.


3. Lobbying and Advocacy (II Cor. 5:20)

These Program Volunteers (PV) minister on behalf of the inmate; and shall conduct activities aimed at influencing prison officials on policies and programs that will help reconcile inmates to past, present and future community expectations and living environments. This PV will be a liaison between the inmate and the prison officials; with the intent of establishing and maintaining mutual understanding in areas of discipline and prison policies. Contact with prison officials will be provided at official gatherings set up by the State Legislature as well as by letter, memo and/or petition. This ministry acts as a support group to all of the other ministries in that the ministers of the inmate’s subgroup will be contacted for lobbying information.

4. Pen Pal/Prayer Partner (II Chronicles 7:14)

These PV's will minister by letter and prayer ONLY. The primary focus in each letter will be to identify and discuss matters of prayer. Here the inmate will learn how to draw near to the Lord in prayer and supplication. The PV's in this group will direct, build up, encourage, inspire and promote prayer in the inmate’s prison and life. Prayer letters will be exchanged man to man and woman to woman. Mixed gender correspondence is not permitted.

5. Prayer Letter (Philippians)

The prayer letter will be mailed to supporters on a quarterly basis and will provide current ministry news and information on special activities.

6. Educational Services (Proverbs 22:6) (Hosea 4:6)

This service offers the inmate instruction and development in various fields of basic educational study such as:

1. Reading and writing
2. Math
3. English
4. Basic computer skills
5. Moral standards and today's world issues       

As resources become available we will add new fields of study.

  • Fresh Start
  • Share Your Faith
  • Seminars