Isaiah 42:5-7

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FS Seminar


         EE Prison Ministry

"On-Site" Training


The following is a description of topics covered in our two hour motivational "on-site" training for "pre-release" ministry in prison and "post-release" ministry in the local church.


This training is "free" so contact our office (941 957-0341) today and make arrangements for one of our staff to conduct it at your church or facility.



The Secret to Power in Prison Ministry

We will talk about the secrets behind our ever-growing prison ministry and how to overcome barriers. We will explain what "Fresh Start" (FS) is and how it works as a Pre-Release equipping tool with special components that prepare inmates for  "Re-Entry" to society.


How to strengthen an existing prison ministry or implement Fresh Start

This portion of the training is designed to provide step-by-step instructions for starting Fresh Start. It also provides information that will strengthen an existing prison ministry and will give an overview of the recommended role and responsibilities of the volunteer facilitator.


Teaching Non-readers Plus Other Training Tidbits

One reason people are hesitant to sign up for discipleship training is that they are barely literate, or are illiterate. We have developed a workable plan, which uses teaching dvds and cds as well as other innovations to meet this need. These methods are part of the success in dealing with this unique group of people.


Post-release assistance to the local church

This portion of the training provides the Local church with up-to-date instruction and information in assisting returning citizens (RCs) in their transistion and re-entry in society.

             Topics covered:

                 Church Mindset & Perspective,

                 Leadership Recruitment & Training,

                 RC's Church Involvement,

                 Church Missions Involvement,

                 Determining Resource Availability,

                 Individual Guidance & Support Planning.



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