Isaiah 42:5-7

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Dear Friends and Ministry Partners…

We are now holding SYF workshops all over the US in over 400 denominations. SYF is a great vehicle for introducing EE and is used in the local church and the incarcerated church. We are receiving a good response through SYF workshops. Our ministry leadership team is available to teach these SYF workshops in the venue of your choice.

Personally, it has been a great honor to teach SYF at local churches spanning the United States. Many of these churches had representation from several different church affiliations. It was so wonderful to see clergy and lay leaders of differing backgrounds work together to learn a proven “simple to use, easy to learn, hard to forget” method of sharing the gospel.

The post workshop evaluations were outstanding and reflected the sincere heart of the students. Some of the comments were:

“. . .it answers questions that everyday people are concerned with.”

“. . .the presentation is very down to earth and understandable.”

“. . .now I don’t have to fear not having all the answers when someone asks about my faith. I am now confident in how to lead others to Jesus.”

The SYF workshop in the local church is generally conducted in 4 to 6 hours on a Saturday or multiple days over two 3hr sessions, or, during a weekly bible study.

After taking SYF, not only are God’s people “purposing” to witness but they are seeking more learning opportunities. Following a SYF workshop, our first recommendation is to further train them in our seven week Every Day Evangelism (Ev2) study, but some churches are using other evangelism models that are working for them. Mostly, I’m finding that SYF helps to overcome the fear of witnessing and gives the Believer a renewed vision, a witnessing plan and desire to be active in church outreach.

If your church or ministry would be interested in having me or one of our staff conduct a SYF workshop at your facility, please contact our office.

To register at a SYF workshop in your area, click here: