Isaiah 42:5-7

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Did you know that most of the people in our prisons will be freed and will return to the general population? They will become our neighbors and co-workers.  Would you want them to know that their life has been changed by a personal encounter with Jesus Christ?  Statistics have concluded that former inmates whose lives were impacted by faith in Jesus Christ are less likely to ever return to prison; our latest statistic shows that only 0.5% have returned after taking our course studies.  While, 85% return who have not taken our course studies.  Their encounter with this ministry of Jesus Christ does make a difference.
Our desire is to introduce as many prisoners as we can to the person of Jesus Christ, so that they might experience His love and forgiveness.  We are working towards implementing this ministry in every prison in the U.S.
Your prayers are the most important way to support us in this ministry.  We are grateful for the dedicated prayer support we receive.  We are also grateful for those that support us with contributions.
Giving can be a rewarding experience for you and for us at Evangelism Explosion International Prison Ministry.  Your gift gives you the satisfaction of supporting an organization that is actively involved in evangelism and equipping the incarcerated Saints for the work of His ministry.  Also, it is encouraging to us because part of our ministry is devoted to helping people like you discover and enjoy the stewardship of giving wisely and effectively.
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Privacy and Credit Card Policy

Evangelism Explosion International does not encourage you to go into debt with the use of credit cards. We offer this opportunity to donate online as a convenience to those who manage their finances in this way. We trust that you will prayerfully consider your resources before making a credit card donation of any kind. Donations to the Evangelism Explosion International Prison Ministry are used to equip and train incarcerated believers to be trainers of other soul winners, to "make disciples" of new converts and prepare them for re-entry to the local church as trainers and teachers of Evangelism Explosion (EE.) All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Gift acknowledgements will be mailed to donors.