Isaiah 42:5-7

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Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,

Thank you so very much for your faithfulness in supporting us through gifts and prayers. We realize that for some of you your gifts have been sacrificial and given with great love and concern for the well being of our work and ministry.  We praise the Lord for all of you and speak blessings upon your life and livelihood.

   As we continue our work in the ministry, we are receiving more inquires from the families of inmates who have returned to society or who are within one year of their return. It’s absolutely wonderful to be able to connect with the families, pray with them and provide them with spiritual guidance as they assist their loved ones with the re-entry process.  However,  the initial excitement of God’s hope and plans for their future is many times diluted by the reality of what the former inmate must face trying to get a job and fit back into society. 

Former inmates and felons are the last to be considered for hire and in some cases totally disqualified for employment;  not because they don’t have competitive skills to work in the job market, because many of them do,  and some are over qualified with job skills and education.  But, they are not hired simply because they were felons.

There are a lot of legitimate reasons not to hire a former felon, but there are just as many reasons why we should.  However, the employers in many cases don’t want to go the extra step in making opportunities available for felons. This is unfortunate for both parties; for the employer because former felons are more likely to be loyal, work harder and stay with the job longer,  and, for the former inmate because they are then challenged to press on and remain lawful in spite of the situation. Remaining lawful is extremely challenging and, for some, breaking the law seems to be their only recourse. But for those whom we’ve discipled, trusting God is the only recourse and always yields good results. None the less, they are all subjected to this intense life experience that no one, after already having their faith stretched, their life tried and tested, really needs to endure.

The Lord has given us E321 as an answer to this problem of not employing former inmates. Please click on the picture below for a description of E321 and ask God how you can help.