Isaiah 42:5-7

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Fresh Start uses new styles of teaching that cross generational boundaries utilizing video, audio, and visual aids. The training provides knowledge on how to better communicate with people of all generations to build new and lasting relationships as well as deepen existing ones. Not only will it enhance the communication skills of the student, but it will also provide integral components of training such as life skills, communication skills, etiquette training, etc.  Consequently, Fresh Start prepares the incarcerated student for reentry into society and, in some cases, for a lifetime of incarceration.

The Fresh Start Curriculum is designed to be integrated into existing discipleship models or programs. Optionally, it can be used inclusively as a stand-alone.

Fresh Start is comprised of our six hour Share Your Faith (SYF) workshop (, our seven week Every Day Evangelism study (Ev2) and our seven week Mentoring For Multiplication study (M4M) ( – find it under “Store Products, Every Day Evangelism”)

SYF, Ev2 and M4M are also taught in the local church. In the prison setting, the student is taught how the studies are utilized in the local church (in anticipation of potential re-entry) as well as how to use it’s components while incarcerated.

Fresh Start components

Prison EE Fresh Start Orientation DVD – 31 minutes in length  

Facilitation DVD’s and audio CD’s for all levels, with instruction booklets

Level One (14 weeks):

*  Share Your Faith (SYF, 7 weeks)

*  Everyday Evangelism (EV2, 7 weeks)

 (3 college credits for completion of Level One)




Level Two (7 weeks):

        * Mentoring for Multiplication (M4M)

 Level Three (13 weeks): 

Advance Level, offered after Fresh Start

* Handling Objections – (Classic) *

                  (3 college credits for completion of                                               Levels Two and Three)


All materials are provided to the prison free of charge, for the inmate. The chaplain’s only responsibility is to provide a classroom, a meeting time, and the students.


Fresh Start qualifies the student for up to six credit hours at most accredited colleges. Three credit hours can be obtained by completing Fresh Start Level 1 and an additional three credit hours can be obtained for completion of Fresh Start Level 2 and Level 3 of our advance level “Classic EE Studies – find it under Store Products, Classic EE, Levels 2 & 3.”


Friendship:  How to build lasting & healthy relationships

Connecting:  The grace of God, the condition of man, and the power of your story


Mentoring: Understanding faith and learning for life – applying mentoring concepts & principles 

Healthy Growth:  Commitment and responsibility