Isaiah 42:5-7

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SERMONS    The Miraculous     Knowing God’s Will & Making the Right Decision (Part B)      Wheat & Tares        The Faithful Church     Overcoming Frustration (Part A)     Overcoming Frustration (Part B) How To Get Answers From God

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Prayer Letters

2021 1st Qtrjan 2021 prayer letter.pptx – latest.pdfDownload 2020 4th Qtroct 2020 prayer letter 4th qtr.pdfDownload 2020 3rd Qtrjuly 2020 prayer letter 3rd qrtr.pdfDownload 2020 1st Qtrfeb 2020 1st qtr.pdfDownload 2018 Summer Lettersummer 2018 prayer letter.pdfDownload 2018 Springspring 2018 prayer letter edited.pdfDownload 2017 3rd Qtrfall 2017 3rd qtr email prayer letter.pdfDownload 2017 1st and 2nd Qtr2017 1st 2nd email gina last edit.pdfDownload 2016

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